Designing with Time

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If there’s one thing in life we can’t escape, it’s time…so as the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

It’s no secret that wall clocks are taking over the decorating world. Here are a few tips on accenting with time.

  1. Decide on a plan for your clock design. Will a large clock be a centerpiece of a room? Will you make a collage on one wall? Will you use a clock as part of a vignette and lean it against something? Think about where you have space, and potentially, where you’d like to have the time displayed, although this is just an added benefit of the décor.
  2. Wall clocks are made to draw attention. No matter what color of paint or wallpaper your walls are sporting, there is a wall clock out there that can be the perfect accent.
  3. If you are looking to add a timekeeper to your kitchen, don’t be afraid of large wall clocks. They are just as suitable for your kitchen as they are for your living room.
  4. Find a clock that reflects the feel of the room, or if you are redecorating, find a clock you love and design around it! Clocks come in an endless variety of styles, shapes and colors.
  5. If you are hanging the clock, it is important to calculate the weight of the clock before making the decision of how to hang it. Usually, the heavier the wall clock the older it is, perhaps even antique, and these should be hung on nothing less than a wall stud with heavy-duty hardware to ensure it does not break through the drywall or plaster. On the other hand, many of our newer wall clocks are as light as air and can be hung anywhere with a simple nail without worry.
  6. Hang your clock as you would a framed print, so that its center is at eye level. Because eye level can vary from person to person, we suggest an average eye level of 57-60 inches from the floor.
  7. If you are making a collage of clocks, start by choosing the clock you would like in the center. Use the floor to experiment with arranging the rest of the clocks in various places around the centerpiece. When you finalize your design and start hanging the clocks, leave equal spacing between them to maintain a sense of continuity.
  8. Finally, if you are using the clock as a piece in a vignette, make sure to secure the clock to keep it from rolling off the base you’ve set it on. Clocks are very fragile, and one little mishap could mean you won’t be hearing any more ticks or tocks!

Happy decorating!


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