Words on the Wall

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It’s no surprise to me that word art is one of the most popular items in the shoppe. Each sign has a saying that speaks to its new owner almost immediately. You walk through the shoppe, reading each one, until there it is – one that you connect with. Sometimes it’s immediate; sometimes it takes many shopping trips. I have one customer who finally found the word art piece she was looking for after five years of hunting! What a joy to help her complete her decor!

I once found a quote by an unknown author that said, “The words we say will teach if we practice what we preach.” Many word art pieces do just that. They guide the way we want to live, reminding us to practice what we preach. The font on the the print, canvas, or chalkboard… whatever the words may be living on… matches our personalities, matches the values we want to live!

Have you found the perfect word art piece? What does it say? How has it changed the mood of your room? Of your life?


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