Fall Fruit on Your Tables

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Although a batch of pumpkin bread sounds delicious (yumm… can’t you just smell it coming out of the oven?), this post is about fall fruit on your tables… for visual appeal!

Pumpkins and gourds are always popular during Iowa’s amazing fall seasons, so how do you put them to good use in your decor? The trick to decorating with fall fruit is to mix other accessories into the tablescape you are creating. Whether the gourds are stacked in a glass vase to display their natural beauty or painted for a unique look, they almost always look better when paired with other pieces.

To get the perfect look, it’s always easiest to just do a little mixing and matching in the shoppe.

1. Pick your pumpkin (or gourd) based on your preference for color and texture. Here’s a great gourd guide!
2. Decide where in your home (inside or out) you’d like to spice up your centerpieces.
3. Bring your selection into the shoppe (or bring a photo if the actual items are too big!).
4. Find a vase, candlestick, platter, bowl… whatever you’d like to hold your treasures.
5. Browse around for silks, vines, burlap, etc. that will compliment your design.

We look forward to seeing what you’ve picked out!

Happy Fall! Julie

P.S. We picked some of our favorite uses of gourds and pumpkins to show you in the photos above and Better Homes & Gardens has 29 more ideas!

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