Fall Mantel Assembly – Step by Step

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This week, we’re talking about decorating your mantel for fall. Many of us aren’t lucky enough to have such an amazing area for our fall displays, but you can still take the concepts and integrate them into other areas of your home. What about a coffee table? Bookshelf? Or even your bed’s headboard? Think wide areas with room for height above them.

When beginning, start by picking one large focal point. This will set the theme and tone for your mantel. In our photo collage, you’ll see a variety of examples: mirrors, vintage windows, or maybe something that you picked up at a “junkin'” event or in Second Chances, the vintage shoppe in our lower level.

Some mantels have a large piece of fabric-covered or paper-covered board that helps bring interest and depth to the mantel. This works especially well if you have a large, empty wall behind your fireplace or a deep mantel to decorate. Check out the photos above for ideas on the backboard if you feel you need more depth.

If you want to use a runner on your mantel, look for a piece of fabric with some texture. The colored burlap we blogged about a few weeks ago would be a great addition to a fall mantel.

Next, add some height to the display by looking for pieces that are shorter than your focal piece, but still relatively tall. Candlesticks, vases, antique jars filled with leaves… these all work well. You can also add framed prints or coffee table books at this stage. If you want to include a tree branch or other nature item (tree stump, oversized pinecone, etc.) think about them at this stage.

Add medium height objects next. These things may be a little wider than the second layer.. for fall, think pumpkins, old books stacked on top of each other or baskets. As you’re adding to your mantel, think of creating an odd number of groupings. Small groups of one, three, or five objects in various heights, widths and textures work well.

Finally, add your finishing touches. Perhaps it’s a leaf garland, a pendent across the front of your display, word art or small knickknacks that have meaning to you and your family. Some mantles are very full and some very sparse. The key is to leave lots of “white space” (as they say in the design world) or none at all. A medium-full mantel looks half-done.

If you have a hearth, make sure not to forget about it! Add a larger basket out front with interesting, colorful pieces in it (gourds, yarn, antique toys) or a magazine rack filled with something more attractive than glossy magazines! Think about pieces in your home that you could move in front of your new creation to add character and change things up a bit – an antique chair, an umbrella stand… move things from one place in your house to another just to add some interest!

Do you still need a focal piece or some fall garland to make your mantel decor complete? We’d love to help! Bring in a photo of what you have so far, and we’ll help you find your finishing touch!

– Julie



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