Virtually Picking Your Paint

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Painting is one of the biggest and easiest ways to redecorate a room. With a gallon or two of paint, you can turn a traditional, neutral wall into a bold accent. Or, vice versa, make a loud room become calm.

When picking out your paint colors, spend some time playing around online before you buy. There are a ton of fun tools to help you plan before you buy, because honestly, who hasn’t had to repaint a room you hated after the color dried?

Want to know what the burnt orange wall will look like in your kitchen? Now you can! Sherwin-Williams’ Color Visualizer and Behr’s Paint Your Place online tools allow you to upload your own photo and virtually paint your own house’s interior or exterior. How amazing is that!

Don’t want to go to the work of uploading your own images? Most of the paint brand sites have mock rooms where you can pick a little paint and dream big! Save or print your virtually-painted room and the color list you’ve chosen, and you’re all set to shop.

Sherwin-Williams also has a free ColorSnap app for  your smartphone that matches real-world colors with paint colors. Found a landscape you love? Copy the palette into paint! Behr’s ColorSmart app has similar creative tools.

These are just two brands’ online products. Almost every paint company has similar tools on their websites. Need help figuring out how much paint to buy? Check out the DutchBoy Painting Calculator. Just input your room dimensions, and voila! Valspar even has a free live color consult that you can get on your iPad – one-on-one with a professional!

The options for painting before you ever actually paint are amazing! Check out these tools, and let us know your faves.

Cheers to creativity!

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