10 Tips for an Artwork Makeover

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Every now and then, you find a new piece of artwork for your walls. You bring it home, and before you know it, you’re in the middle of an artwork makeover. Here are 10 tips for you — in case you get into transformation mode with your new decor.

While you’re arranging and re-hanging, don’t forget:

1.  Command strips make hanging a snap nowadays. No more nail holes!

2. Trying to add more to the same space? Lay the pieces out on the floor first. If you have a confined area, measure it, and then use painters’ tape to replicate the area on the floor. Put your pieces inside, and voila –  you’ll know exactly how far apart your prints need to be to fill the space. Don’t forget: groupings equal one piece of art.

3. If you are hanging artwork over a piece of furniture, the artwork shouldn’t be wider than the furniture. Ideally, the artwork would be around 75% of the width of the piece below it.

4. If you have two or three similar pieces, think about hanging a shelf and arranging the artwork on it. Use clear rubber grippers (found in the hardware store furniture-moving section) to keep artwork from sliding off the shelf.

5. Horizontal groups make a room or hallway look longer. Vertical lines add height. Think about grouping prints accordingly to visually change your room.

6. If you’re looking for a more informal feel, hang matching prints diagonally or offset from each other horizontally. This works most easily with matching frames, but don’t feel like you always have to play by those rules!

7. Have a few small pieces and a large wall? Think about adding a large clock, wreath or another unique piece to make it a fun collection.

8. Bring architectural pieces into the mix. Can you use an old window to frame your photos or barn boards to make a shelf?

9. Don’t be afraid to add a framed object. Have a sentimental item, antique book, your kids first sculpture? Put it in a shadow box or a box shelf and hang it with other artwork that it compliments.

10. Speaking of kids – framed artwork by your children is priceless. If you have new piece of artwork to add to your decor, pair it with your little Picasso’s painting that matches the theme (this part is easy — just give them your topic, and let them go to it!) Hint – this works great with word art.

Here are a few pieces of art that are in the store right now — just in case you need an excuse to start an artwork makeover!

– Julie


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