Setting the Tablescape

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Tablescape at Julieanns

Today’s topic is tablescaping. Tablescapes? you say; never heard of such a thing. Well, let me tell ya, if you do a little Googling, you’ll find everything from the “inventor of the term” to those who say tablescapes aren’t just for tables!

My favorite definition though, came from the Balancing Beauty and Bedlam blog, and is simply this: A tablescape is an arrangement of items gathered into a grouping and placed on top of the table. Simple. Is. Good.

I’ve been wanting to blog on tablescaping for some time now. I have to tell you though, while searching for the perfect definition of tablescaping, I actually ran into a really good how-to blog by accident. So, rather than reinvent the wheel, I’m going to give you the basics, and then point you to this well-written, funny blog! Gotta give credit where credit is due, right?

#1 The reason tablescapes are fun is because they are just another place to use your creativity and decorate in a non-permanent way!

#2 Anything can be used in your tablescape – think of what you have in your home that you could use, similar to what we talked about in our mantel decorating blog post a couple of weeks ago.

#3 Follow guidelines for how much space to use, what types of materials to gather and how not to overdo it here at What In the World is a Tablescape. No really, you should read it. It’s good, and it’s everything I would say.

Now go set the tablescape!
– Julie

Tablescape at Julieanns


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