Bathroom Beautiful

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Lots of time is spent on making our houses into homes, but one room is often overlooked. Hours of time are spent finding the perfect pieces for the living room, bedroom or den, but the place that we spend a small portion of EVERY day is often decorated with a generic bath collection and then forgotten about.

Here are a few easy swaps that can make your bathroom uniquely yours:

Tissue box holder/covers– Lay tissues in a canvas box or metal tin.

tissue box tin, bathroom decoration

Tissue box made with an old piece of tin from

Lotion and soap dispensers– Check out for fun ideas on bottles turned useful. Here’s a Coke bottle, but you can find them in almost any variation.

Coke bottle lotion dispenser, bathroom decorating

Find unique dispensers on This one is from

Toothbrush holders– Use test tubes decorated to match your theme.


Make Your Own Toothbrush Holder from

Cotton ball or Q-tip canisters– Stash these products in ball jars either hung on the wall or lined up on the vanity.

Ball jars for cotton balls, bathroom decorating

DIY mason jar holder from

Wastebaskets– Trash cans come in an amazing variety of shapes, styles and materials. Just take a Google at all of the designs out there.

trash can, bathroom decorating

Trash cans come in an amazing variety of shapes, styles and materials. This one, from, is a bucket turned waste paper can.

Shower caddies– Install a glass shelf in the shower instead. It’s much prettier and easier to clean than the small wire frames of the caddies.

Glass Shelf in shower, bathroom decoration

Glass Shelf Install from

To hide unattractive items like electric toothbrushes and curling irons, check out these awesome DIY storage ideas for bathrooms.

Also, don’t forget that bathroom counters and tub surrounds can be great places for tall, slender vases of silk flowers or trays with your favorite jars of bath salts and/or linens.

One piece of distinct artwork added to a bare wall could save a lot of time painting (bathrooms have many cabinets and plumbing connections that make painting a small space take a long time!)

Cheers to buidling a beautiful bathroom! Julie

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