Party Recipes for Every Season

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It’s not very often that I promote something in the shoppe, but this new cookbook I have is worth promoting. It’s not actually super-new – it came out this past summer – but it’s in the store now, just in time for gift-giving!

Entertaining has become a lost art because of today’s busy lifestyles. I have to say, it’s just hard to make time. However, this cookbook helps you throw a party with minimal effort. It’s not only full of recipes, but also ideas for party themes, online invitation downloads, menus, shopping lists for your phone, music suggestions, and my favorite – table decorations!

The author, Debbie, is from Iowa, and the food is Iowa good! Of course I love distributing Iowa stuff in the store, but especially when I think my customers will really benefit from it. There are tons of photos and great recipes that I think you’ll like.

We took some photos for you to see what’s inside this awesome cookbook. We’ve got a stack of them, so feel free to come peruse it in the shoppe. I’m pretty sure you’ll want one for yourself too.

Happy Cooking! -Julie

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