Outdoor Art

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Ok, here’s the deal, I’ve been wanting to write this post on outdoor art for some time now, but every time Mother Nature gives us the go-ahead to start decorating our gardens and yards, she changes her mind! I’ve finally decided that it’s now or never, so if you’re inspired to get out your ornaments and it snows again; well, I can’t be held responsible. I mean, it’s May, for goodness sake!

For all of us that love to make a space more comfortable and inviting, we know the problem we always face — running out of rooms to decorate! Have no fear, though, since yard and garden art have made their way back into popularity (we’re not taking pink flamingos here, folks), we have MORE space to decorate!

One of the newest things in the shoppe that I just love are the solar flowers. They soak up the sun’s rays, and leave your yard brilliant at dusk. We have a wide range of flowers and colors, so next time you’re in, check them out.

We also have a large selection of metal artwork, wood hangings and sculptures (animals are in style both indoors and out!). In addition, you can add patio lights, tiki torches and lanterns to create an addition to your home’s living area. When it’s inviting and visually appealing, outside becomes the place of choice for R&R.

One thing to remember, outdoor artwork should accent your area rather than overtake it. Follow the same rules for decorating indoors: stick to one theme, less is more, use art in places that need a visual focus point, etc. Here’s a fun video on what NOT to do.

Here hoping your time this month will be spent getting into your garden and yard to decorate rather than to replant!