New Lily Pad Lids In Store Now

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I don’t know about you, but my summer always seems full of bridal showers and weddings. I love to give gifts that are a little unique and a lot fun. If you haven’t seen the new lily pad lids, they are both!

Check out this video to see how they work!

Stephanie Eason from Ames has one of these lids, and she told me that she absolutely loves it. She said, “I actually got it as a gift, and I was excited to try it out because I’d never seen them. Now I use it all of the time. I pretty much have it on something in my fridge 100% of the time. I’d definitely recommend it.”

We have these great lids in store now, along with other fun kitchen gifts like spatulas with cute sayings, aprons and recipe card boxes. One of my favorite gift ideas is to buy a recipe card box and stick a few of my favorite recipes inside for the bride.DSC00817

If you have a shower or wedding coming up, stop by to check out the lily pad lid. Your bride will thank you!

Happy Summer!

– Julie

P.S. In keeping with the lazy days of summer idea, the blog will be on hold for a few months. If you need anything from us, just give us a buzz at the store. 515-382-5819.

31 Ideas for Decorating with Old Salvaged Windows


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One of the quickest and easiest changes to make in your home is to change a print on the wall or add a new piece of furntiture. What’s even more fun though, is to create the piece from a salvaged window frame. It’s shabby and personal all in one!

There are many different things that you can do with your salvaged window – from turning it into a photo frame to making a jewelry wall to framing a mirror. I’ve posted 31 ideas for you here, but the options are endless. Check out this site for another thirty plus ideas!

You can even build furniture, if you’re handy like that. Some of my favorites are the tables with window tops and creating room dividers with the salvaged frames. What I really like to do is to change out the decor on my window to match the seasons, so I’ve included a few holiday ideas here too.

I had a hay day looking through Pinterest for fun idea, and I’m included many of the photos I’ve found here. The site references are the titles of the photos, if you want to look through the blogs where I found them. (Right click on the image, hit save as, and it will default to the name of the blog.) OldWindows

Sometimes it can be a pane (hahaha!) to find these old windows. It always seems that when I want one, I can’t find them! However, we had a load of them come into the shoppe last month! If you need one to start your project, stop on by. We have different shapes and sizes, so you can pick your favorite shabby one!

Looking forward to hearing about your projects!