Organization: Think Outside the (Plastic) Box

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In the not so distant past, organization meant plastic containers and boring buckets. Thanks to those of us who want some style with our structure, there are now many options for keeping life organized that don’t include plastic.

Baskets are an easy way to categorize items and keep everything in its place. Keeping a basket at the bottom of the steps (for items needing to go upstairs) or one in the kitchen for mail keeps those odds and ends in a neat, tidy and trendy place.

Use larger baskets for keeping electronics corralled (think Rock Band guitars and Wii accessories). Just yesterday I saw that a friend had used a basket under a coffee table for dog toys and supplies. Brilliant!

Thinking bigger, you can use wire baskets for laundry hampers, holding pillows and blankets, or for storing umbrellas.

What about serving trays? They aren’t just meant for serving anymore. Use them on the ottoman as a centerpiece or as a keeper of cosmetics on a vanity or amour.

Bowls, vases and flower pots can be used for organization as well, to store keys, loose change, or office supplies. In what ways have you used these home decor items to do double-duty?

If you need help, just stop by the shoppe. We can help you think outside the (plastic) box!

Happy Organizing!


Jewelry Organization

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I love jewelry and I love what it does for an outfit. Many of our customers buy necklaces and other pieces as gifts, but honestly, I think every woman needs a new accessory every now and then. Jewelry can change an entire outfit – what was old is new again! Here are some fun ways to store your new jewelry. DIY with a mix of Second Chances-type finds and accessories from Julieann’s.

Source: via Lolly on Pinterest